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When it comes to finding the best online casino for players from Canada, there is a lot of hard work involved. Here at Jackpot Casino Canada we did this all the work for you and we bring you a website that is packed full of information on every site, game, bonus, software and so much more. We are full information portal that delivers everything you want to know about gambling online including legal information, free game play, what the best games are as well as guides for playing the same and so much more. We ask that you take some time to explore everything that our site has to offer and when you find Canadian casinos like Jackpot City that suits your needs, please use our exclusive bonus codes to ensure that you get more games for your hard earned cash.

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One of the main reasons why many of our visitors return our .net website is because we "net" the biggest and best casino signup bonus codes to the online casinos that interest our visitors most. Yes, we do offer targeted lists for slots, blackjack and many other casino games, but more importantly, when you find a new casino that looks appealing, we ensure that you receive the best sign up promotion to every new online casino. As an example, if a casino has a regular signup bonus of $10, typically we'll have a special coupon code that you can redeem for a $20 free or more. Sometimes these exclusive codes are for an offer that requires a deposit and others are for a 'no deposit' bonus where no deposit is required to receive the free casino money. Knowing when you come across a good bonus is important when gambling on the internet. A fabulous $1500 offer from golden tiger is a great offer that you should look into.

These exclusive free coupon codes are one of several features that you'll find unique on our site. While these casino coupon codes are a unique attraction to our site, it's important for you to read the terms and conditions to each exclusive promotion on our site, so you understand what games are valid and invalid; the amount of times the promotional money needs to be wagered before you can cash out your winnings - also known as the wagering requirements; and/or the maximum cash out amount. Also note that we do manage hundreds, if not thousands, of casino coupon codes across our site and many of them are limited-time offers, so if you find that a code is no longer valid, please contact us and we'll do our best to renew the exclusive offer and ensure you receive a deal of similar value.


Also known as a welcome bonus, there are a few different types of casino sign up bonuses that casinos offer to attract a new customer to choose their casino to make an initial deposit over a competitor's website. Here we provide a brief description of these welcome packages and provide a link to a dedicated page for each type:

Deposit Bonus - Simply put; this a deposit incentive to make an initial deposit - or deposits - at a new casino online. These deposit promotions are also known as a percentage or match bonus. This type of promotion is measured in terms of a percentage and the casino will match your deposit by a percentage - up to a certain cash value. Let's use a '100% up to $500 free' offer. If your initial deposit is $25, the casino will credit your account with an extra $25, but if you make a deposit of $500, you'll receive the maximum cash amount of $500.

No Deposit Bonus - As the name implies, a no deposit casino bonus is a sign up offer that does not require you to make a deposit before you receive some free casino money. Understandably so, this type of welcome bonus is the most popular among players. You're often required to redeem a no deposit bonus code that allows you to test the casino and play some of its games without risking your own money. If you enjoy your experience, you are usually encouraged to play longer with a subsequent deposit incentive as described above. Although they are risk-free, no deposit bonuses are also much lower in value - usually $5 - $50. To find more information, check out our no deposit list.

Free-Play / Free-Time - This is a unique type of promotion whereby you receive a set amount of money to spend at a new casino during a set period of time. The free play bonus or free time casino bonus could be $1000 during one hour of free play. Any winnings over $1000 is added to your bankroll after you make an initial deposit. This innovative promotion was first introduced by Microgaming casinos, but has since been mimicked by competitors such as Rival casinos. See a full selection of option on our free-play casino list.

Free Spins - Similar to the free play / free time incentives, a free spins promo allows you to receive a set amount of free spins on a selected online slots game. Not surprisingly, Microgaming was also the innovator that introduced this type of free casino sign up offer to feature specific slot machines - typically the popular or new slots games.

These are the most common types of new sign up offers that are seen, but it doesn't stop at the signup stage. There are many other types of unique offers including mainstream promotional incentives such as a refer-a-friend reward; retention promotions known as reload offers and cashback deals; loyalty programs and special VIP privileges; alternative payment method incentives; and free coupon codes for casino games - slots, blackjack roulette, baccarat, craps, video poker and more. If you can think of it, you can be sure that the marketing and promotions departments of these multimillion dollar establishments have too!

As always, it's important to read the fine print and understand the terms and conditions to every free casino bonus that you want to claim. Some of the most attractive promotions have the most ridiculous terms or restrict any type of cash out making the free casino money useless in the first place. The opposite is also true - some of the most basic and average-appearing offers have the least amount of restrictions which allow make and keep your casino winnings. The moral of the story, read the terms and conditions before you redeem and play any casino coupon code.


Following the free money/time/spins and no deposit bonus codes, the next most popular online casino bonus is for specific casino games. Since payout percentages (house edge/odds of winning) vary from game to game, internet casinos have to ensure that they can make attractive offers without incurring substantial losses on certain games such as baccarat or roulette. That is why most welcome bonuses have different wagering requirements and/or restrictions on each game. It is also why many casinos make specific offers for specific games.

Slot Machines - Slot Machines are by far the most popular game in Las Vegas and the Internet, so it's fortunate that every promotion does permit slot machine play. However, since online slots have lower odds than other games, some casinos offer a special online slots bonus code to attract and reward the slots players - including the big progressive jackpot gamblers. Take a look at our impressive online slots list which includes special slots coupon codes for no deposit slots and free play slot machines. They are a great way to test new slots games from Playtech, Microgaming and RTG progressive slots to the latest 3D slots from Net Ent, BetonSoft and other world class casino software platforms.

Blackjack - There may not be a sea of blackjack tables at every land based casino, but if you want to have better control on the outcome of your wagers, blackjack could be your game of choice. More control to the player, reduces the house edge and makes it easier for a player to turn a promotional offer into free casino money which is why the wager requirements increase with a blackjack bonus. Regardless, there is a huge population of blackjack players to cater to, so there are coupons for blackjack too. Check out our list of blackjack casinos and the blackjack codes, terms and conditions and wager requirements that accompany these offers.

Roulette - Finding a casino that has an online roulette bonus used to be about as difficult as walking on water or flying like a bird. The Reason: roulette players could place wagers on both Black AND Red - or - Even AND ODD (even money bets) to play out the wager requirements and cash in the free free promo money. Over the years, software providers built complex systems to detect this advantageous tactic which allowed Internet casinos to offer online roulette bonuses with firm restrictions on this type of activity. As of today, the number of online casinos that offer roulette promotions are still quite limited, but nevertheless, there is a good selection of reputable casinos available on our online roulette bonus list.

Video Poker - An interesting fact that not many people know about video poker is if a player is playing optimal video poker strategy on the right type of video poker game, the player actually has the edge over the house by just less than 1%!! Unfortunately, this requires a "Full Pay Deuces Wild" video poker game that is not offered at any Internet casino. Regardless, it helps illustrate that this game can be incredibly fun to play ...and win. Although less popular than the previous three games, online video poker has a loyal set of followers that tend to search for new video poker codes on the net. Whether you are a video poker expert or want to try this fun version of stud poker, we feature a selection of casinos that offer special videopoker codes in our online video poker bonus section.

Other Types of Offers - We've listed the most popular casino games that have specific free codes dedicated to each, but there are promotions for other games including craps, baccarat, casino war, pai gow, sic bo and other common, but less popular games to gamble on. Of course, the the preferred way to receive free casino money is getting it upfront. However, the alternative is to receive it in the form of a "cash back" where the casino will deposit a percentage of the wagers placed or money you've spent back into your account on a weekly or monthly basis. This a common type of promotion for games such as baccarat or craps where the house margin can too low to offer an aggressive bonus, but they don't to discourage players from playing these games either. If you enjoy playing any casino game, the best online casinos will find a way to reward your loyalty.


For the Encore, we present to you our incredibly deep directory of casino reviews. Very few websites have taken on such a role as to review hundreds of Internet casinos - some incredibly popular and successful, others known only to a local market, and others that have made unscrupulous decisions in their history which has led to a poor reputation and onto our casino blacklist. We also feature nearly 50 different casino software reviews that range from industry pioneers such as Microgaming, WagerWorks, Net Ent and Playtech to the newest innovators such as Betsoft and its cutting edge 3D online slots. Learning about the selection of breadth and quality of games that a software provider develops as well as the level of security and quality assurance that these software providers are responsible for delivering is an valuable starting point to choosing any new online casino, regardless of the offers.

We make every attempt to 'recommend' only the most reputable casinos, but we have reviewed over 300 Internet casinos to give our visitors some background about each operator and allow everyone to voice their own opinions. Our site contains dozens of lists to help make navigating easier, but be aware that an online casino bonus list may highlight the biggest no deposit bonus or online slots bonus, not necessarily the best ranked casino. Unfortunately, some of the most unbelievable and enticing offers are made by rogue casino operators who have no intention allowing players to withdraw their funds. While we continue to list these blacklist reviews, we certainly do not recommend playing there. In fact, we encourage players to avoid these operators or proceed at your own risk. If you have an unpleasant experience with one of the properties listed on our site, we encourage you to contact us and share your experience.

online casino bonusWith so many options available on the internet, our mission is to become a leading source of unbiased reviews. Developed by two founding members with over 10 years of experience in both the operator and affiliate side of the online gambling industry, OnlineCasinoBonus.net employs a small team that is dedicated to providing you with research, reviews, and news and other information to help you make an informed decision that leads to a safe and entertaining online gambling experience. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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